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This is the page for links to all those great websites which may or may not be about Guars. They probably will however.

Guar Pages

The Gratuitous Guar Page

This is the page of Gratuitous Guar Guild founder, HannahG. A great site with Guar mod info galore. Anyone wanting to be a member of the guild (I'm a proud member) should go here. Very nice pictures.

RuneMaster's Guar Page

This is RuneMaster's page about Guars, and it's got some nice lil' screenshots of various Guars. Nice backgrounds too and a couple of good reskinned Guars.

Archiewind's Guar Kissing Pages

This person is very scary. Had I the power, I would throw him into a well with frictionless walls and a jelly mountain. But seriously, some very funny pictures of Guars doing odd things. Not THOSE odd things. Theres always someone...

This page is very random and chaotic, but that's good, as everyone should have some bit of randomness and chaos in their life (For example, I would call up Dominos Pizza from a phone booth and pretend to be an angry foreigner demanding, "SO, WHEN MAY I COLLECT MY REFRIGERATOR?" and then ramble on about Customs and Immigration laws. Very fun.). Nice pictures and good scrolling efect.

Non-Guar Pages

Morrowind Official Site

This is the big daddy of all these sites and it's very good. Informative, colourful and lots of downloads. Surprisingly good considering how bad some of these game websites can be. Highly recommended.


This is the guy who makes the Abandoned Flat and Harvesters mod. Very good mod maker, and the new Abandoned Flat is very good.


GameFAQS is THE most useful help guide on the internet. It's got eveything from an Amiga to an Xbox. The message boards are good as well, and from there was formed the GGG. Go there for any help you'll need.

Hannah's Whereizit Morrowind Answers

This place is useful for anyone trying to find an elusive item or person in such a large world. This page is run by HannahG (Is that G for Guar or something?) And yes, the very same GGG Founder. Very useful for all those people saying, "M3 i5 |00kIn9 4 A dA3dr|c dA| kA7A2A (Me is looking for a Daedric Dai-Katana)"

The Daily Vivec

Last, but by no means least, the Daily Vivec is the closest Morrowind has to a newspaper. Useful for all kinds of things, have a look and enjoy quality journalism. Thats all, for VNN...