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26th July

Hello! Welcome to Guararama! Home of the, "Just Say NO to Guar Hide" Campaign. This is my new page devoted to Guars and stuff about them. This site is under construction constantly and so will always improve. What, you thought it was going to be this bad and be finished? But yeah, this is my little attempt to spread the words of the Guar. Or something like that. But aren't the lil' fellas kinda cute?

I'll go over the sections. Corky's Adventures is where I show pictures of Corky all over the world (the game world, Vvardenfell) as he travels here and there. The Guarllery is devoted to funny pictures of Guars or whatever. Like the name?

Guars is just that. Collected info about Guars. Trust me, it sounds better than it is. Anything you'll ever want to know about Guars is there. Files is an area for downloads about Guars or other Morrowind stuff. This will include wallpapers, mods and perhaps even a guar song. Links is pretty obvious, links to other places related to Guars and some others which aren't, Home is where the heart is. Or perhaps just the news.

Oh yeah, also Corky's Adventures and the Guarllery will be quite graphic intensive pages, so bear with it. All of you people with Sooper-Dooper fast T3 needn't worry, but us shmoes with our 56k modem will have wait a bit.

Well that's it really. Enjoy!

If you want to contact me for feeback about the site or to send me an entry into the Guarllery, then send me a

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